• Connecting regional producers to typical restaurants,

    everywhere in the world.

The opportunity we’re going after.

In Europe only, the Traditional regional restaurant market is estimated to be worth €120B.

A market in which the main actors, regional producers and typical restaurants around the world, operate mostly according through old fashioned practices, with managerial and technological skills almost non-existent.

In this context the geographical distance represents the largest problem of procurement processes, which should instead be one of the strengths of an integrated system between producers and typical restaurateurs.

Typical of is born to solve this problem, by offering the first platform for the producers/restaurateurs integrated system, in order to enhance the efficacy and efficiency of the decision, sales and purchase process.

Regional Producers:

  • Have limited direct commercial relations and client choice availability.
  • Need to increase margins to avoid discounting wholesalers 30% to 60%.
  • Need support for non-core processes.
  • Need more showcase and easy-to-use technology.

Typical Restaurants:

  • Have limited or no connections with regional producers and limited suppliers choice.
  • Spend 30% of revenues on provisioning.
  • Use old-fashioned technology and need help to manage their businesses.
  • Need exposure and user-friendly tech.

Unable to connect to each other, regional producers and typical restaurants abroad are forced to work with wholesalers that control the market and mark up 50% to 250%.

A multi-sided markeplace


A personal showcase website for each user.

Every affiliate (producers or restaurateur) will be able to insert his offering or request and easily connect with other users.

An integrated system of services and applications including:

  • multivendor e-commerce
  • BI solutions
  • shipment & delivery
  • booking
  • guest wi-fi
  • blog
  • forum
  • typical recipes collection

The technological innovation.

A multi-sided marketplace where producers can sell and restaurants can buy and promote themselves, in order to set in motion and aliment data volume and transactions.

A proprietary BI software constitued by a Decision Support System (DSS) and a Sentiment Analysis System, to guide the users and create a scalable best practices model.

A selection of the top notch foodtech softwares and applications, integrated in the platform, to aliment the BI interactions and enhance the commercial offer.

Business model and go-to-market strategy.

A straightforward revenue model based on two distinct sources.

  • • 15% percentage for each purchase on the platform. A fee which, compared to the traditional intermediation of the wholesaler, allows producers to increase margins and restaurateurs to reduce costs;
  • • annual subscriptions to the Premium Package, reserved for paying users based on the services they choose to activate.

As for the go to market strategy, the goal of Typical of is to build a replicable model for the creation of many vertical networks on a regional basis, in order to create a link between producers in a given region (example: Provençal or Sturian producers) and the typical restaurants of the same regions spread all over the world.

The R&D processes have been completed as for the first round of financing.

In the first months of 2019 it will be launched the first vertical network dedicated to Sardinia, to test the model implementation that will be defined also following further micro-tests in other Italian regions.


Typical of is born from the intuition of partners that add up important national and international competences in the fields of innovation, in development of products / services / processes based on new technologies and last but not least in the creation and management of restorative projects.

Valter Melis, a long-lasting career in entrepreneurships and consulting, since 1985 creates and manages as entrepreneur and consultant businesses in the restorative and hospitality sector.

Mario Rosso, has held top positions in Italian and international companies such as FIAT, Telecom Italia Spa, ANSA, Tiscali.

Riccardo Contu, has participated in numerous start-ups and works as a Project Manager and consultant in The Net Value.

Jonathan Brownstein, from 1895 manager of IT companies, founded e manages its own activity in the export of typical Sardinian products.

Giancarlo DessiGiancarlo Dessi, entrepreneur and consultant for various businesses in the restorative sector.

The Net Value, the only certified incubator in Southern Italy, founded by Mario Mariani, also partner of VC firm United Ventures and formerly CEO of Tiscali Italia.

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