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Offers To Manufacturers

Adigital opportunity for the commercialisation of their products

FREE registration and ZERO CANONE usage

Ability to create your own online store

Full autonomy in the choice of the sale price

Contact with selected Italian restaurants around the world

Withdrawal and shipments around the world


Always the best quality and the best price at both the Restaurant and the Producer

Order management,archiving, and processing

Retreats, deliveries and returnees around the world

Charge and payment to success

Only a small percentage agreed on transactions

Monitoring news and trends from the Agrifood and Restaurant world

Continuous upgrade of the platform and technology services

Offers to Restaurants

A local online market for the purchase of raw materials from the territories of origin

FREE registration and ZERO CANONE usage

Contact with selected Producers from the Region of Origin

Purchase of regional excellence at the best price

Warranty on deliveries and return around the world

Ability to create your own online showcase

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